Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2

Day 2
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours:16

Today started off with some technical issues which haven't been completely resolved yet.  Hopefully they will be resolved by the time I come in on Tuesday.

Today I started actually working with ETDs.  First I was shown how to find the records in OCLC Connexion.  After that, Sevim guided me through the process of determining what description elements needed to be added to the Bibliographic records.  I worked on one with Sevim guiding me through the process, then I worked on a few by myself which Sevim check after I finished them.  I did fairly well on adding the descriptive data, only making a few errors.  After that, I finished the rest of them.  One thing I learned from dealing with the descriptive data is that people who right theses and dissertations cannot follow directions when it comes to putting the same name on the dissertation or theses and the ETD form.

After I came back from lunch, I proceeded to read some things about LCSH and subject cataloging and the introduction of the first ETD that I was going to do the subject cataloging for.  The dissertation I cataloged was about Pennsylvanian politicians', like Ben Franklin, influence on the United States during the time of the American Revolution and afterwards.  After working with Sevim, I decided on five subject headings:

Pennsylvania ǂx Politics and government ǂy 1775-1865.
Pennsylvania ǂx History ǂy Revolution, 1775-1783.
Franklin, Benjamin, ǂd 1706-1790 ǂx Influence.
Morris, Robert, ǂd 1734-1806 ǂx Influence.
United States ǂx Foreign relations ǂx History ǂy 18th century.
United States ǂx Commerce ǂx History ǂy 18th century.

I tried some other ones, but I found that these worked the best.  The other ETDs that I will be doing will be much more difficult because they will be in subject areas that I don't understand as much.

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