Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 8

Day 8
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 64

I decided to start with a new ETD this morning rather than continue working on the one that I had been doing on Tuesday.  So the ETD that I start with is a anthropology thesis titled The Vaeakau-Taumako Wind Compass:  A Cognitive Construct for Navigation in the Pacific by Cathleen Conboy Pyrek.  This thesis is about the non-instrument forms of navigation that the Vaeakau-Taumoko people of the Pacific Islands use, specifcally the wind compass which hasn't really been documented as much as other forms.

I had a bunch of ideas for headings such as wind compass, navigation techniques, non-instrument navigation, cognitive construct or mental model, way-finding, and Taumako.  Most of these ideas didn't lead to anything.  The only headings I found were "Navigation" and "Duff Islands (Solomon Islands)."  The latter heading is the one that is used for the Taumako Islands.  I searched through the navigation headings, but I couldn't find anything more specific.  Wikipedia gave me the idea to search for "Polynesian Navigation" which also wasn't a heading, but I realized that I was able to subdivide "Navigation" by "Polynesia."  I also added the heading "Navigation--Duff Islands (Solomon Islands) to make it more specific.  Although I'm not sure if I should make two headings or subdivide "Navigation" twice.  Here's what I ended up with:

650 0 Navigation ǂz Duff Islands (Solomon Islands)
650 0 Navigation ǂz Polynesia.

When Sevim checked this, she told me that I needed to make a change to the first heading.  That was the only think I needed to change and it ended up looking like this:

650 0Navigation ǂz Solomon Islands ǂz Duff Islands.
650 0Navigation ǂz Polynesia.

The next ETD I worked on was pretty easy.  It was a geography thesis titled Climatology of Freeze-Thaw Days in the Conterminous United States:  1982-2009 by Jason S. Haley.  The title of this thesis pretty much explains what it's about.  Freeze-thaw cycles are when things freeze and then they thaw later on.  There was no subject heading for freeze-thaw cycles, but a search on Wikipedia lead me to the term weathering which is a subject heading.  I did a Google search to corroborate that weathering is related to freeze-thaw cycles and it turned up some positive results.  So I decided to use the subject heading "Weathering--United States" since the paper is geographically limited to the United States.  The paper also discusses climate change and it is a subject heading listed by the author, so I decided to use the heading "Climatic change" which is the LCSH equivalent.  The headings I finished with were:

650 0 Weathering ǂz United States
650 0 Climatic changes ǂz United States

Sevim agreed with me on both of these headings.

The third ETD I did today was finally a philosophy thesis.  It was titled Deliberation and the Role of the Practical Syllogism by Timothy Alan Elsey.  It was about aspects of Aristotelian virtue ethics focusing on deliberation.  He did his own analysis of Aristotle's writings in Nicomachean Ethics and then an analysis of some other writers who covered the same topic that he covers.  It's a pretty interesting thesis.

I had the problem that almost every term I wrote down for a potential subject heading was not in LCSH.  I tried deliberation, virtue ethics, Aristotelian ethics, and ethical evaluation.  None of those were present.  After scanning through the "Ethics" entry in LCSH, I decided on "Decision making--Moral and ethical aspects," and "Ethics."  I also used "Aristotle" as a subject heading because his line of thought was the subject of the book, and I eventually made it a name-title entry using "Nicomachean Ethics" as the title because it was the work that was most discusses in the thesis.  I also ended up dropping the "Ethics" subject heading because "Decision making--Moral and ethical aspects" is a narrower term of "Ethics."  I really wish the had a subject heading for virtue ethics.  This is what I ended up with: 

600 00 Aristotle. ǂt Nicomachean ethics.
650 0 Decision making ǂx Moral and ethical aspects.

NOTE:  I didn't really need Wikipedia for this given my knowledge of philosophy.

Sevim also checked the last ETD that I did on Friday which was Traversing the 24-Hour News Cycle:  A Busy Day in the Rhetorical Life of a Polite Speech by John Oddo.  For this ETD, I came up with the following heading on Tuesday:

650 0 Intertextuality.
650 0 Criticical discourse analysis.
650 0 Rhetoric.
650 0 Journalists.
600 10 Powell, Colin L.

Sevim thought the first heading was good and accept the second one after I explained to her how I came by it.  She was skeptical of "Rhetoric" (and I wasn't entirely sure about it either), and thought I needed to change "Journalists" and add a subdivision to "Powell, Colin L."  She thought that we should change "Journalists" to "Journalism" and subdivide it by "United States" and "21st century."  She also wanted to add a subdivision to "Powell, Colin L." that would indicate that it was about a speech given by him, but that wasn't an option in LCSH.  So we decided to add an additional heading that indicated that the paper was dealt with a speech.  This is what we ended up with: 

650 0 Intertextuality.
650 0 Critical discourse analysis.
650 0 Journalism ǂz United States ǂy 21st century.
600 10 Powell, Colin L.
650 0 Speeches, addresses, etc., American ǂz United States ǂy 21st century.

The fourth ETD I did was a geography thesis about the risk perceptions of people who living in Painesville, Ohio of flooding.  The thesis is titled Individual Risk Perceptions of Flooding: Evaluating the Associations between Experience, Perceptions, and Preparedness by Christina Longo.  I thought this one was going to be easy, but it turned out to be pretty difficult.  After reading through the thesis, I realized that it was primarily about risk perception in relation to flooding in that Ohio town, but there was know way to combine "Risk perception" with "Floods" in LCSH.  I had a lot of other aspects that could be covered, but the primary aspect could not be done by simply using one heading.  I did a search on WorldCat to get some help and found a solution that decent but definitely not optimal.  I found that I could create the heading "Floods--Ohio--Public opinion" to try to cover the two most important aspects.  It was alright but by no means what I wanted.  I also used other flood-related subject headings in combinantion with the "--Ohio--Public opinion" subdivision, and floods with the "Risk assessment" subdivision.  This is what I ended up with:

650 0Floods ǂz Ohio ǂx Public opinion.
650 0Floods ǂz Ohio ǂx Risk assessment.
650 0Flood conrol ǂz Ohio ǂx Public opinion.
650 0Flood damage prevention ǂz Ohio ǂx Public opinion.
650 0Risk perception ǂz Ohio.

The call number for this one was a little difficult as well because I couldn't find a call number that really satisfied what the thesis was about.  I finally decided on GB1399.4.O3 as a call number which means "Physical geography—Hydrology. Water—Ground and surface waters—Rivers. Stream measurements—Floods—By region or country—Other regions or countries, A-Z."  I'm not happy with this call number because it doesn't convey the risk perceptions aspect of the thesis.

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