Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 10

Day 10
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 80

Today I started off with an easy one that I worked on a little bit on Tuesday.  It's a psychology thesis titled Purging Disorder:  An Exploratory Investigation of Phenomenoloy, Psychological Correlates, and Distinctiveness as a Diagnostic Category by Kathryn Elizabeth Smith.  As the title suggests, it's a study on Purging Disorder, but Purging Disorder is not in LCSH.  So went with "Eating disorders" since Purging Disorder is an Eating Disorder.  Since the testing in the study is performed solely on undergraduate students, I decided to use the heading "College students--Psychological testing" which I used once before on another ETD.  Here's what my final headings were:

650 0Eating disorders.
650 0College students ǂz Psychological testing.

The only change that Sevim thought would be better is changing "College students--Psychological testing" to "College students--Health and hygiene."  Everything else was fine.

The second ETD I cataloged today was an art exhibition thesis titled Silhouette by Dane E. Nighswander.  Cataloging this thesis has made me realize that I really don't care for cataloging art theses.  This thesis was a collection of sculptures that looked to be stone sculptures, but I wasn't 100% sure.  The theme for his scultpures was memory which seemed pretty interesting.  The subject headings aren't so hard to pin down, but the call numbers can be pretty difficult.  I used the author's name with the subdivision "Exhibitions."  I also used the subject heading "Sculpture--21st century--United States--Exhibitions" and "Memory--Exhibitions."  I wasn't sure if I should used the heading "Stone carving" instead of "Sculpture."  I don't feel really confident about the memory heading, but I thought it would be good to add a heading that had to do with the theme of the art.  We'll see if that works.  The call number was by far the most difficult part of cataloging this ETD.  I ended up eventually choosing the call number "NB16.K46 ǂb N54 2011" which is a call number for "Sculpture—Exhibitions (by place held)—United States. By city and museum or other place of exhibition, A-Z."  I am not totally confident if this is the call number that I should have used.  I guess we'll see.  Here's my subject headings:

60010Nighswander, Dane ǂv Exhibitions.
650 0Sculpture ǂy 21st century ǂz United States ǂv Exhibitions.
650 0Memory ǂv Exhibitions.

I ended up taking about "Memory--Exhibitions" before Sevim came to check my work because I wasn't really confident in it.  I'm glad that I did because she said that it wasn't something that she would have put in.  Sevim didn't have a problem with my headings (although I did have the order mixed up in the "Sculpture--..." heading), but she wasn't satisfied with my call number.  After trying and failing to find the perfect call number where we could show that it was an exhibition, we settled for the call number "NB212" which is for "Sculpture—History—Special regions or countries—America—North America—United States—20th century—General works."  Sevim wasn't happy with this call number, but it was the best one we could find.  Here's both my full call number and subject headings:

090  NB212 ǂb .N54 2011
60010Nighswander, Dane ǂv Exhibitions.
650 0Sculpture ǂz United States ǂy 21st century ǂv Exhibitions.
The third ETD I cataloged today was a history thesis titled Torn Identity: Workingwomen and Their Struggle Between Gender and Class, 1932-1950 by Michele M. Curran.  This thesis is about the challenges and struggles of working women to "balance their identity as women and workers."  It covers the time periods of the Great Depression, World War II, and the Post-War years.  It shows how struggle that working women have gone through over these time periods as their roles have changed depending on the situation in America at the time.  I immediately did a search for workingwomen in LCSH and that lead me to the heading "Women employees" which doesn't really sound right to me, but that's the heading they want me to use.  I subdivided that by "United States," "History," and "20th century" since that is what the thesis specifically covers.  I also searched for feminine identity which lead me to the heading "Women--Identity" which I used.   I wanted to add another subject heading, but I couldn't think of anything else to add.  These two headings seem to cover what the book is about.  Determining the call number for this one was a little tricky.  I found general call number that I wanted to use fairly easily, but it required me to look at two different tables that were pretty confusing.  LCC needs to find a way to make their tables less confusing.  Here's the headings that I used.

650 0Women employees ǂz United States ǂx History ǂy 20th century.
650 0Women ǂx Identity.

Sevim wasn't quite satisfied with subject headings that I had assigned.  None of my headings survived her checking over it.  She didn't really think that the heading "Women--Identity" was appropriate because it seemed more abstract than reality based (or whatever).  So after some diliberation, we decided to use the heading "Women--United States--Social conditions--20th century."  After looking at some records on WorldCat, Sevim decided that it would be better to change "Women employees--..." to "Women--Employment--..."  We also added the subject heading "Sexual division of labor--United States--History--20th century."  After much work, this is what we ended up with:

650 0 Women ǂx Employment ǂz United States ǂx History ǂy 20th century.
650 0 Sexual division of labor ǂz United States ǂx History ǂy 20th century.
650 0 Women ǂz United States ǂx Social conditions ǂy 20th century.

The fourth ETD I worked on today was an English thesis titled William Faulkner's The Town, Psychoanalysis and the Reassessment of Lack by Daae Jung.  It's hard to describe what this thesis is about in sentences, but it primarily deals with trauma in the works of William Faulkner (specifically The Town, but other works are discussed in the first chapter) and psychoanalytic interpretations of that trauma.  Because this work was about Faulkner's work, I made a name-title heading of "Faulkner, William" and The Town.  I also used the headings "Psychic trauma in literature" and "Psychoanalysis and literature."  The call number was a little difficult because literary call numbers require a little bit more work, but it wasn't too bad.  When Sevim checked my work, she agreed with both the Faulkner heading and the psychic trauma one,  but she was less sure about the psychoanalysis one.  We performed a WorldCat search for works with that heading which helped convince her that it was appropriate.  Here are my subject headings:

600 10 Faulkner, William, ǂd 1897-1962. ǂt The town.
650 0 Psychic trauma in literature.
650 0 Psychoanalysis and literature.

The records I worked on today were the last records from the second batch.  So after I finished them, I started working on the descriptive cataloging of the new batch.

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