Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 6, Starting Subject Cataloging for 2nd Batch

The first ETD that I did subject cataloging for today was Depression, Anxiety, and Social Support Fail to Predict Heart Rate Recovery in Exercise Stress Test Patients by Colleen Marie Cole Mattson.  This ETD is basically whether depression, anxiety, and lack of social support have predict negative effects on the recovery of people who have suffered from cardiovascular disease.  As the title suggest, these things fail to predict this.  I had a hard time deciding whether to use the heading "Heart--Diseases" or "Coronary heart disease."  At first I decided on the former, but a search on WorldCat returned that more records with the latter convinced me to use the latter.  I also decided to use the heading "Cardiovascular system--Disease" as well because the ETD refers to it quite a bit.  These references also caused me to use this heading as the first subject heading.  Then, I decided to use the subdivision "Psychosomatic effects" for both "Coronary heart disease" and "Cardiovascular system--Disease" because it showed up often in the WorldCat searches I did and because the Wikipedia article on "Psychosomatic medicine" said that it was "the influence that mind has over physical processes."  Here's the headings that I decided to use:

650 0 Cardiovascular system ǂx Diseases ǂx Psychosomatic effects.

The second ETD I worked on today was Development and Characterization of Blue Phases Made From Bent-Core Liquid Crystals by Stephanie Tausanoff.  I've heard horror stories about Liquid Crystal  ETDs from the other people in the office since I started working on my practicum, and this was my first Liquid Crystal ETD.  And it did not disappoint.  This ETD used a lot of terminology that I didn't understand and wasn't in LCSH.  I tried several different terms and all of the searches came up empty.  I eventually just decided to use this as my only heading:

650 0 Liquid crystals.

I didn't get as much work done today because of a really interesting lecture on the history of the West Virginian constitution.  The speaker was really good and very funny.  Time to start the weekend!

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