Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 1

Day 1
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 8

Today was my first day of my practicum although it wasn't actually supposed to be.  I was supposed to start work after Labor Day and totally forgot about it.  But everything worked out in the end.  I spent the majority of the day reading papers and websites related to my practicum.  I also set up OCLC Connexion on my computer in the office and learned a little about how to use it.

The papers I read were papers written by people who had done the same kind of practicum that I'm doing now.  I found the papers really helpful and informative especially in regards to the paper that I'm going to have to write after I'm done with my on-site hours.

I'll probably be doing some more reading on Friday as well.  We'll see.

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