Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 3

Day 3
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 24

Today was a very busy day for my practicum.  I started the day by finishing up a little reading I had been doing over the last two days I've been here.  After that, Sevim gave me a task involving fixing some ETD records in KentLINK and an Excel spreadsheet.  I had to find the Department of the ETDs and put the right 793 field in the MARC record in KentLINK using Millennium and also add that information to the Excel spreadsheet.  This task did not take me very long, but I liked that it allowed me to get some more experience use Millennium which will be really helpful to know in the long run.

I worked on four ETD records today and completely finished the first one I did.  It's the first one I've completely finished and have uploaded to KentLINK.  I'm very happy about this.

The first ETD I did was title Challenging Appropriation:  Modern Moko and Western Subculture by Ridgley Dunn.  This was a very interesting ETD.  It was about the Maori (of New Zealand) tradition of ta moko which is a form of tattooing that involves carving the skin rather than simply puncturing it.

Ta moko has great cultural significance to the Maori.  The ETD talks about how the effect of Western usage of Ta moko effects the Maori.  It also discusses groups such as the Modern Primitives who have adopted this practice.  The subject headings for this ETD weren't too hard to pin down, but I had to make some adjustments after Sevim looked over them, but overall, I thought it wasn't too bad.  I found Wikipedia really helpful in learning exactly what Ta moko was and how it is different from normal tattoos.  I really enjoyed this ETD.  Here's the subject headings I chose:

650         0    Tattooing |z New Zealand
650         0    Maori (New Zealand people) |x Social life and customs
650         0    Identity (Psychology) |z New Zealand

The next ETD I worked on was Socioecological of the Guianan bearded saki, Chiropotes sagulatus by L. Tremaine Gregory.  I had a pretty easy time with this ETD.  I used Wikipedia to find more information about the bearded saki which helped me find the appropriate subject heading for this type of monkey.  I also found a previous work by the author about the bearded saki which had subject headings that helped guide me.  I ended up choosing these subject headings: 

650 0Pitheciidae ǂx Behavior ǂz Suriname.
650 0Pitheciidae ǂx Ecology ǂz Suriname.
61010Brownsberg Nature Park (Suriname)

There wasn't an authority file for the Brownsberg Nature Park, and I'm going to ask Sevim about this when I see her on Friday.  I chose to add the park as a subject heading because a previous work used it as a subject heading and because the research took place at this park.

The third ETD I cataloged was Value Relevance of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry by Mary E. Schramm.  This ETD was about how innovation drives growth in the pharmaceutical industry.  I'm going to have to go back and look at this one.  The only subject heading I've chosen so far is: Pharmaceutical Industry.  I'm deciding on whether or not I want to add the subdivision technological innovation or not as well as any other subject headings.  This one was a little tricky.

The last one that I worked on today was Collaborating with Industry to Ensure Regulatory Oversight:  The Use of Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs by the Federal Aviation Administration by Russell William Mills.  This article was about how the voluntary safety reporting of the FAA is working really well in spite of the disasters that have occurred in other industry where voluntary safety reporting has also occurred.  For this ETD I chose the following subject headings:

650 0Aeronautics, Commercial ǂx Safety regulations.
650 0Aeronautics, Commercial ǂx Self-regulation.
61020United States. ǂb Federal Aviation Administration
650 0Administrative agencies.

I'm not 100% happy with these headings.  I'm not sure if I can add Self-regulation to Aeronautics, Commercial.  Unfortunately, I don't think any other subject headings really apply to this ETD.

That's all that I'm going to write today.

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