Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 5, ETD Work

The first ETD I worked on today was Conceptualizing Audience in Digital Invention by Elizabeth Conrad-Reiter Tomlinson.  This is an ETD that I've been putting off doing because it didn't seem very clear what exactly it was about, and there also wasn't a chapter labeled "Introduction."  I had a hard time pinning down what subject headings I wanted to use for this ETD, but after searching I finally made some decisions.  The first heading that I wanted to use was "Writers," but that is not an official heading and it sends you to "Authors" when you want to use it.  Even though "Authors" isn't exactly the heading I would like to use, I'm going to use it.  The other heading that I found that I think is perfect is "Online identities."  This ETD is about "how audience considerations inform the text-based identity construction of writers composing in digital environments" and the author uses examples of people creating online identities on networking and dating sites.  This subject heading is kind of perfect.  I also thought about using the heading "Rhetoric" because the author talks about it rhetoric in the dissertation and it is the subject heading on the OhioLINK ETD entry, but I don't think that the ETD is really about Rhetoric.  So I ended up with:

650 0Online identities.
650 0Authors.

When Sevim and I went over this one, we decided to add "Online social networks" because the ETD talks about creating online identities on eHarmony and LinkedIn.  We also decided to remove "Authors" because it might make people think that this ETD is about famous, published authors.  So we ended up with:

650   0 Online identities
650   0 Online social networks

The second ETD I did was Consonance in Information Systems Projects:  A Relationship Marketing Perspective  by Pei-Ying Lin.  The title of this ETD basically told me what it was about, and the abstract and introduction confirmed it.  The author defines consonance as "harmony or agreement among components."  The ETD was basically using Relationship Marketing to get everyone on the same page on Information Systems projects.  Relationship marketing has its own heading in LCSH, but Information Systems does not.  I used wikipedia to figure out that Information Systems is "an academic/professional discipline bridging the business field and the well-defined computer science field that is evolving toward a new scientific area of study."  I had a hard time determining which subject heading to use.  I eventually found the heading "Management information systems." and made the decision to use it.  I could not find anything to represent the consonance aspect of this ETD.  I'm going to ask Sevim about it when we look over it.  Here what I ended up putting: 

650 0Relationship marketing.
650 0Management information systems.

Sevim didn't like the "Management information systems" heading because she thought it was too specific and might people think that it was specifically about management information systems.  We made the topic broader by using "Information storage and retrieval systems."  She also suggested that we add the heading "Project management" because the ETD is about making people come to one mind while working on Information Systems projects.  We kept the "Relationship marketing" heading and based our call number off of it.

650   0 Relationship marketing
650   0 Project management
650   0 Information storage and retrieval systems

The third ETD I cataloged today was Development of a Landslide Hazard Rating System for Selected Counties in Northeastern Ohio by Ahmad Yousef Dalqamouni.  This one was pretty straightforward.  The ETD is simply about the development of a landslide hazard rating system in Northeastern Ohio, and I found the heading "Landslide Hazard analysis" which fits perfectly.  I subdivided that heading by "Ohio."  That seemed to be all I needed.  Here's what's in Connexion:

650 0Landslide hazard analysis ǂz Ohio.

Sevim was pretty happy with this one and made no changes to it.

The last ETD that I cataloged today was the one that I had been putting off and was most frustrating.  It is Conservatism, Earnings Persistence, and the Accruals Anomaly by Gulraze Wakil.  This ETD is an Accounting dissertation, and it caused me several headaches.  I tried to enlist my sister to see if she could help me with it, and she gave me some ideas.  In the end, I contacted the author, and he told me that the term that I had been thinking about ("accural basis accounting") was not the term he would use but he suggested another term also.  Unfortunately the first term he suggested was not in LCSH, but the second term he suggested was.  Sevim and I decided to go with the broad "Accounting" as the first subject heading.  The second heading we used was "Capital market" which was suggested by the author.  This is what we ended up with: 

650 0Accounting.
650 0Capital market.

After completing all of these, I started working on the descriptive cataloging for a brand new batch of ETDs.

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