Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 4

Day 4
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 32

The first thing I did today was go over the work that I did on Tuesday since Sevim had to leave early.  I did fairly well on all of the records that I worked on.

On Socioecological of the Guianan bearded saki, Chiropotes sagulatus, all the headings that I chose were used in the final record.  This file was completed.

For Value Relevance of Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry, the only subject heading that I could think of was: 

650 0Pharmaceutical industry ǂz United States.

Sevim and I talked and thought about this ETD for a while, but neither of us could come up with any better subject headings so we just stuck with this one.

Collaborating with Industry to Ensure Regulatory Oversight:  The Use of Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs by the Federal Aviation Administration was the ETD that was the one that I think we spent the most time going over.  Sevim said that I should change both "Aeronautics, Commercial" headings to "Airlines."  We also added  the subdivision "United States" onto both of the now "Airlines" headings.  Those were the changes we made.  This is what the subject headings looked like after we were finished:

650 0Airlines ǂx Self-regulation ǂz United States.
650 0Airlines ǂx Safety regulations ǂz United States.
61010United States. ǂb Federal Aviation Administration.

After we finished going over those records, I decided to read an article that Sevim emailed me yesterday.  The article was about subject analysis of ETDs in the Hard Sciences.  I found this article extremely helpful, and after reading it, I decided to tackle some of the hard science ETDs on my list.

The first ETD I worked on was called Mitochondrial heteroplasmy in Mimulus Guttatus.  This ETD was about "the causes and consequences of mitochondrial heteroplasmy in Mimulus guttatus (Phrymaceae), a flowering plant."  The first thing I learned was that the Mimulus Guttatus is called the Common Monkeyflower.  I learned this from looking up Mimulus Guttatus in ClassificationWeb.  After using Google, I found a good definition of heteroplasmy from the Genetics Home Reference ("The situation in which, within a single cell, there is a mixture of mitochondria (energy producing cytoplasmic organelles), some containing mutant DNA and some containing normal DNA").  Because this definition contained the word, mutant, I decided to use the subject heading "Plant mutation."  I decided to subdivide the heading "Common Monkeyflower" with "Genetics" because this paper seemed to be focused on the genetics of the common monkeyflower.  When Sevim came over to check my work, we spent some time trying to find out as much information about all of this as we could and eventually decided to stick with those two headings.  So my entry in the record looked like this:

650 0Common monkeyflower ǂx Genetics.
650 0Plant mutation.

The second article I cataloged today was The role of vasopressin 1b receptor in the regulation of sensorimotor gating.  This article was pretty tough to catalog.  The only heading that I came up with on my own was "Vasopressing -- Physiological effects."  Determining this heading was pretty easy.  But I felt that there were more headings that could be added, but I had a hard time thinking of what they should be.  I thought about adding the heading "Neurosciences," but I wasn't sure.  Sevim came to check the work I had done at about this time because she was about to leave.  We both were pretty stumped by this one.  But after using Worldcat and Wikipedia, we finally settled on the heading "Sensorimotor integrating."  We decided on this heading because we wanted to have a subject heading about sensorimotor gating because it's an important part of the ETD, but there was not a heading for that in LCSH.  We found "Sensorimotor integrating" after doing some searches on WorldCat for "sensorimotor gating."  So we decided to use it.  The final product looked like this:

650 0Vasopressin ǂx Physiological effects.
650 0Sensorimotor integration.

The third ETD I worked on was Use of Remote Sensing in the Collection of Discontinuity data for the Analysis and Design of Cut Slopes by James E. Fisher.  This one seemed pretty straight forward from looking at the title and the abstract.  I have decided on the following subject headings: 

650 0Slopes (soil mechanics) ǂx Stability.
650 0Statstistics.
650 0Remote sensing.

I picked "Slopes (soil mechanics) ǂx Stability" because the abstract talked about slope stability and LCSH directs you to the heading I used when searching for slope stability.  The abstract talks about statistical analysis and LCSH leads you to the heading "Statistics" when searching for that.  Finally, remote sensing seemed very important to the ETD, so I put that in there as well.  I'm thinking of looking to see if I can add "Cut slopes" as well, but I'm not sure.

The last ETD I worked on today was "Grammar Efficiency of Parts-of-Speech Systems.  This ETD is giving me some trouble.  The title gives a good indication as to what it is about, but I didn't know how to turn that into subject headings.  Bonita directed me to look at the keyworkds and I found "Mathematical linguistics" which is an LCSH heading as well.  I'm thinking of adding "Computational Mathematics" because of a WorldCat search I performed.

It's time to get out of here and enjoy the weekend!

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