Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 5, Checking Friday's Work

 Day 5
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 40

The first I did today when I got into the office was get Sevim to check the last two ETDs I worked on yesterday which were Use of Remote Sensing in the Collection of Discontinuity data for the Analysis and Design of Cut Slopes and Grammar Efficiency of Parts-of-Speech Systems.

For the first one, the only changes that I made were to remove: 

650 0Statstistics.
which left me with:

650 0Slopes (soil mechanics) ǂx Stability.
650 0Remote sensing.

I want to note that Wikipedia helped me get some information with remote sensing that helped me make the decision I made.

For the second one, Sevim said that the two headings that I gave were good after I explained why I had chosen them.  The main thing I explained was why I chose "Computational Linguistics" which was because after searching WorldCat for works with "Mathematical Linguistics" as a subject heading, many of them also had "Computational linguistics."  Also, this ETD seemed to put a lot of emphasis on the number crunching which seems computational to me.  So I ended up with:

650 0 Mathematical linguistics.
650 0 Computational linguistics.

Wikipedia wasn't really helpful with this one.

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