Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 18

 Day 18
Start time: 8:00
End time: 12:00
Hours Worked: 4
Total Hours: 138

Today I will be only working a half day and working on mainly ETDs.  The first ETD I worked on is the last one of my third batch.  It's a teaching, learning, and curriculum studies dissertation titled Young Children Conceptualize the Relationships Among Positive and Negative Numbers and Zero by Peggy D. ManchesterThe dissertation is about how young children think about negative numbers and how they have intiutions about them.  I think this is part of a movement to teach children about negative numbers at a younger age when they might think about it more intuitively. I had a hard time thinking up subject headings for this because there wasn't a subject heading for mathematics and children.  I felt that the subdivision "Study and teaching (Primary)" didn't really convey what the dissertation was about.  I ended up thinking of the headings "Mathematics--Study and teaching (Primary)" and "Numbers, Negative--Study and teaching (Primary)," but I wasn't completely satisfied with these headings.  So, I did a search on WorldCat and it lead me to the heading "Number concept in children" which fits perfectly.  I also found a record that added the subdivision "Psychological aspects" to the study and teaching headings.  I think this set of subject headings is much better at conveying what this dissertation is about.  My call number was based on "Number concept in children."  My suject headings are:

650 0 Number concept in children.
650 0 Numbers, Negative ǂx Study and teaching (Primary) ǂx Psychological aspects.
650 0 Mathematics ǂx Study and teaching (Primary) ǂx Psychological aspects.

Sevim liked what I had but wanted me to change Primary to Elementary.

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