Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 19

Day 19
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 5:00
Hours Worked: 8
Total Hours: 146

On Friday I started doing the descriptive cataloging for my first batch of honor's papers which is basically a bachelor's version of a thesis.  I had nine different honor's papers, and they were all in different areas of study.  The subject areas covered in these honor's papers are:  art, theatre, nursing, design theory (school of art), political science, chemistry, psychology, film, and geology.  Only two of the nine did their forms incorrectly and need NARs.

The first honor's paper I subject cataloged today was a theater one titled THE SHOW IS IN THE DETAILS: LEARNING ABOUT A STUDENT DIRECTOR’S PROCESS FROM THE INSIDE by Erin McManus.  The author discusses learning her experiences of discovering her process for director and describes the process of three professional directors.  This honor's paper was interesting, and I sent a copy to my friend Tim because he's into theater and thought he would be interested.  The first concepts I thought of for this were theater directing and something to do with concept and processs.  Unfortunately I could not find any subject headings for the ideas of concept and process.  The concept of theater directing was translated into "Theater--Production and direction" in LCSH.  I also thought I should add the heading "Theatrical producers and directors" because the paper is also about them.  Wikipedia was not needed.  Here are the subject headings that I ended up with:

650 0 Theater ǂx Production and direction.
650 0 Theatrical producers and directors.

Sevim suggested that I remove "Theatrical producers and directors" unless I thought it should really be on there.  I couldn't think of a good enough reason to keep it on there.  Here are my final subject headings in MARC:

650 0 Theater ǂx Production and direction.

The second honor's paper I cataloged was an art one titled Innate Materiality by April Bachtel.  I thought her painting was pretty cool.  She does abstract painting and relief painting.  Relief painting is when you put enough paint on the canvas so that it causes the painting to look three dimensional and stick out.  I used wikipedia to get more information about both abstract painting and relief painting, but both of those were keywords assigned by the author and were easy to find in LCSH.  Subject headings were relatively easy for this one.  I chose three different ones which were:  "Bachtel, April--Exhibitions," "Painting, Abstract--United States--21st century--Exhibitions," and "Relief (Art)--United States--21st century--Exhibitions."  The difficult part of this paper was assigning the call number.  I had a hard time finding which call number to use because the number for an individual artist for painting is not as clearly laid out as it is for ceramic sculptures.  I found the call number ND237.B334 ǂb A4 2011 by searching for various recent American artists in OhioLINK and noticing that they all had the same number just with a different cutter.  This is how I made my decision.  The artists I looked for were Andy Warhol and Jacob Collins.  Here are my subject headings in MARC form:

600 10 Bachtel, April ǂv Exhibitions.
650 0 Painting, Abstract ǂz United States ǂy 21st century ǂv Exhibitions.
650 0 Relief (Art) ǂz United States ǂy 21st century ǂv Exhibitions

Sevim liked my subject headings but wasn't sure about my call number at first.  After some investigation, she accept it.

The third honor's paper that I cataloged was a nursing one titled Lived Experiences of Nurses: Nurse Characteristics by Clinical Specialty by Rebecca J. Barreca.  This paper was really just about the experiences of nine different nurses each with a different specialty.  I had a hard time coming up with subject headings for this one because the topic is so broad.  I ended up using the subject headings "Nursing--Psychological aspects" and "Nursing specialties--Psychological aspects" because I felt that the paper was about the psychological aspects of both nursing and its specialties.  I also used the field "Nurses--Attitudes" because I felt that paper is about what nurses think and feel.  That was also the subject heading that got me the closest to dealing with their experiences.  I based the call number on "Nursing--Psychological aspects."  I didn't need Wikipedia for this paper.  Here is the MARC format of the subject headings I chose:

650 0Nursing ǂx Psychological aspects.
650 0Nursing specialties ǂx Psychological aspects.
650 0Nurses ǂx Attitudes.

Sevim suggested that I remove "Nursing--Psychological aspects" because the paper was about nursing specialties first and foremost, so I did.  Here are the final headings in MARC format:

650 0 Nursing specialties ǂx Psychological aspects.
650 0 Nurses ǂx Attitudes.

The third honor's paper that I cataloged today is a bizarre fine arts one titled Notes between Yesterday and Tomorrow: Queering Perceptions toward Homotopia by Nicolas Joyce.  So after reading basically the whole paper, I still don't really have an idea of what it's about.  I guess it's about queer theory and gender identity.  It seems like from what I read about queer theory on Wikipedia that it's a good bet that this paper is about it, particularly because queer theory comes out of post-structuralism and radical deconstruction which often both have material that is almost unreadable.  Anyways, I choose the subject headings "Queer theory" and "Gender identity."  I chose my call number based on queer theory.  The number dealt with philosophy and aestetics which seemed appropriate.  Here's the MARC format of my subject headings:

650 0 Queer theory.
650 0 Gender identity.

Sevim suggested I remove "Gender identity" and change the call number, so I did.  Here are the final headings in MARC format:

650 0 Queer theory.

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