Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 11, Starting Subject Cataloging Batch 3

The first ETD of Batch 3 is a geology thesis titled Engineering geology considerations for realignment of interstate 70/76 across the landslide at New Baltimore, Somerset County, SW Pennsylvania by Lisa Ann Nowicki.  This thesis focuses on investigating the landslide and how it will affect the interstate realignment.  The most obvious subject heading to choose for this thesis was "Landslides--Pennsylvania." I also checked to see if there was a specific entry for the New Baltimore Landslide, but there wasn't a subject heading for that.  The other idea for a subject heading that jumped out at me immediately was for slope stability because I had used that for another ETD and it was mentioned in this one.  So I used the heading "Slope (Soil mechanics)--Stability."  Unfortunately this subject heading can't be subdivided by location, so I can't add Pennsylvania on to it.  I also chose "Landslide hazard analysis--Pennsylvania" because it really seems as if the author is doing a landslide hazard analysis.  Finally, I chose the heading "Engineering geology--Pennsylvania" after using Wikipedia search that lead me to the term geotechnical engineering.  In LCSH, geotechnical engineering leads you to landslide hazard analysis.  I had trouble determining which subject heading to put first in order to make the call number.  The two headings I was debating making the first heading were "Landslides--Pennsylvania" and "Engineering geology--Pennsylvania."  The call number for the former is QE599.P4 N69 2011 and the call number for the latter is TA705.3.P4 N69 2011.  I eventually chose the former after reading the conclusion of the thesis.  It seemed to put much more emphasis on landslides than anything else.  Here are the subject headings I got for this one:

650 0Landslides ǂz Pennsylvania.
650 0Landslide hazard analysis ǂz Pennsylvania.
650 0Slopes (Soil mechanics) ǂx Stability.
650 0Engineering geology ǂz Pennsylvania.

Sevim suggested that I switch "Landslides--Pennsylvania" and "Landslide hazard analysis-Pennsylvania."  I thought this was a good idea and obliged.

The second ETD I cataloged today was a English thesis From Postmodernism to Psychoanalysis: Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 by Brittany N. Adams.  The title of this thesis is pretty informative about its content.  This thesis analyzes the postmodernism and psychoanalytic theory in regards to Pynchon's novel.  From this I got three subject headings.  The first is a name-title entry for Thomas Pynchon and The Crying of Lot 49.  The second is "Postmodernism (Literature)."  The third is "Psychoanalysis and literature."  I couldn't come up with any other headings that were related to the thesis's aboutness.  The call number for this one came from Thomas Pynchon.  It was PS3566.Y55 Z56 2011.  I don't know if I need to make the Z56 something different though.  Here are the subject headings I have:

600 10 Thomas Pynchon. ǂt The crying of lot 49.
650 0 Postmodernism (Literature)
650 0 Psychoanalysis and literature.

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