Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 15, First Time With Microfilm

Day 15
Start time: 8:00
[1 Hour Lunch]
End time: 4:00
Hours Worked: 7
Total Hours: 118
I started the day by getting Sevim to check the records that I did on Friday.  All the changes for those records was put in Friday's blog post.

Today, I worked on microfilm for the first time today.  I learned how to operate the machine and view the microfilm.  I learned that it hurts my eyes to look at for too long.  First, Sevim got me to read a document that introduced me to some of the things that are different about a microform record.  Then, Sevim and I looked at some theses and dissertations that were on microfilm, and she wanted me to find the information to check to see if the records from OCLC were correct.  There was one reel of mircofilm that didn't have a record on OCLC (which was actually a government document rather than a theses or dissertation), so I had to pick out the information necessary to create a record.  Then, Sevim set me to correct the other records and create an original record for the government document.  This record wasn't that hard to make except for a series statement that I didn't know what to put in.  I did some searches on WorldCat to figure out what to put in the 490 and 830 fields.  The government document was a study of art activities for mentally handicapped children.  I chose the subject heading "Art--Study and teaching" and Children with mental disabilities--Education--United States."  Sevim checked my work and said it was pretty good overall except for a couple of changes.  She suggested that I subdivide both my subject headings with "United States."  Here's what I ended up with:

650 0 Children with mental disabilities ǂx Education ǂz United States.
650 0 Art ǂx Study and teaching ǂz United States.

The first ETD that I cataloged today was a teaching, learning, and curriculum studies dissertations titled Mid-career teachers’ perspectives on the sustaining power of hope: A Q methodological study by Anita C. Levine.  This ETD was about how mid-career teachers cope with stress and burnout.  I had a lot of ideas for subject headings, but the ideas that I had which I thought fit the aboutness of the dissertation the most were not in LCSH.  Also I had trouble connecting concepts like hope and hopelessness to teachers with LCSH.  There was not a heading for teacher attrition, but there was a heading for teacher stress which is "Teacher--Job stress" which I subdivided by "United States."  I had a lot of other concepts that I wanted add.  So I added "Adjustment (Psychology)--United States" (for coping), "Burn out (Psychology)," "Hope," "Despair--United States," and "Teacher morale--United States."  I didn't need Wikipedia for this one.  Here's the subject headings that I used:

650 0 Teachers ǂx Job stress ǂz United States.
650 0 Adjustment (Psychology) ǂz United States
650 0 Burn out (Psychology)
650 0 Hope.
650 0 Despair ǂz United States.
650 0 Teacher morale ǂz United States.

When Sevim looked over this one, she like most of the subject headings I had but said that I should get rid of some and change the order of the ones left over.  She suggested that I remove "Burn out (Psychology)" because she didn't really feel that someone searching for an article on burnout would be happy to find this article and "Despair--United States" because when you have two opposite concepts, you usually chose only one.  She also suggested that I move "Teacher morale--United States" closer to the top.  Sevim wanted to remove "Adjustment (Psychology)--United States," but I convinced her to keep it since it is the subject heading for conveying the idea of coping which is what the article is about.  Here are the final headings that I chose:

650 0Teachers ǂx Job stress ǂz United States.
650 0Teacher morale ǂz United States.
650 0Hope.
650 0Adjustment (Psychology) ǂz United States.

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