Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 20, Last Official Day

Day 20
Start time: 8:00
 End time: 12:00
Hours Worked: 4
Total Hours: 150! 
The first thing I cataloged today was an political science honor's paper titled Strategic Nonviolence and Humor: Their Synergy and Its Limitations: A Case Study of Nonviolent Struggle led by Serbia’s Otpor by Anne M. Lucas.  It was a fascinating piece about the use of humor by the Serbian nonviolent resistance group Otpor.  I thought the paper was primarily about about nonviolent resistance and humor, but it was also about things like political power as well.  I decided to create a subject heading for Otpor because the work was about their actions, and I think people would be happy to find this if they were searching for things about Otpor.  I also decided to subdivide "Otpor" by "Humor" to show that it is about their use of humor.  The concept of nonviolent resistance comes up with either the headings "Nonviolence" or "Passive resistance."  I had to look up "Passive resistance" in Wikipedia to determine if it was the same thing as nonviolent resistance, and I found out that it was.  I decided to create the subject heading "Passive resistance--Serbia--Humor" to show that it was about the humor of the passive resistance in Serbia.  I used the call number for passive resistance.  Wikipedia was quite helpful.  Here are my subject headings in MARC format.

610 20 Otpor (Organization : Serbia) ǂx Humor.
650 0 Passive resistance ǂz Serbia ǂx Humor.

Sevim suggested that I remove the "Humor" subject heading for both subject headings I had and add the "Serbian wit and humor" subject heading.  So I did that.  Here is the MARC format of the final headings:

610 20 Otpor (Organization : Serbia)
650 0 Passive resistance ǂz Serbia.
650 0 Serbian wit and humor.

The second honor's paper that I cataloged today was a chemistry one titled Thermodynamic and Morphological Properties of Ceramide-1-Phosphate Model Monolayer Systems by Alexandra Hill.  I had a hard time determining what exactly this paper was about besides Ceramide-1-Phosphates because of my lack of chemistry knowledge.  I attempted to use Wikipedia to help me understand some of the concepts, but there were not many articles that matched what I was looking for.  I did get a little information from there though.  Searching for Ceramide-1-Phosphates lead me to the subject heading "Ceramides" which I used Wikipedia and the Lipid Library ( to help determine that this was the heading that I wanted to use.  Other concepts that I tried to term into subject headings were monolayer phase behavior, thermodynamic properties, and morphological properties.  None of these had really good matches, but after searching for monolayer phase behavior, I searched for simply phase behavior which lead me to the subject heading "Phase transformations (Statistical physics)."  I wasn't sure if this heading was correct, so I performed a WorldCat search with it and found an article that mentioned phase behavior in the abstract.  That was good enough for me to put it as a subject heading.  I found it really hard to find any other subject headings for this paper.  Here are my subject headings in MARC format:

650 0 Ceramides.
650 0 Phase transformations (Statistical physics)

Sevim wasn't sure about the "Phase transformations (Statistical phyics)" subject heading.  After doing a WorldCat search, she didn't think it should remain a subject heading, so I removed it.  Here is the MARC format of my final subject headings:

650 0 Ceramides.

The last record I cataloged for my official practicum hours was an honor's paper titled Is the Fixation on “Healthy” Unhealthy? A Study on Orthorexia Nervosa by Kelsey M. Robinson.  This paper was a study about a proposed eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa which is an obsession with eating healthy.  Orthorexia nervosa was, unsurprisingly, not in LCSH, so I chose the subject heading "Eating disorders" instead.  I wanted to find a subject heading that could convey the idea of obsession with eating healthy, but I couldn't find anything like that.  The paper also mentions obsessive-compulsive disorder, but not really enough to warrant a subject heading.  I didn't really need Wikipedia for this one.  Here are the subject headings in MARC format:

650 0 Eating disorders.

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